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There are many considerations when it comes to the fire safety of buildings exceeding 18 metres in height. One of the most important elements of said fire safety is the dry riser.

Integrated Fire & Security Solutions can assist with the design and development of your dry riser system, as well as taking care of the servicing to ensure it’s ready to go if or when it’s needed.


The simplest way to describe a dry riser is an empty pipe installed vertically into a building to assist fire fighters when tackling a blaze in a building above 18m in height.

The dry riser will be equipped with a water inlet box situated on the outside of the building. This box houses the inlet valve to which the firefighters can connect their pressurised fire fighting appliances.

Once the source is attached, firefighters can enter the building and connect their houses at the landing valve located closest to the fire itself saving the need to carry houses throughout the building itself. This can speed up fire fighting, as well as remove any potentially hazardous houses from escape routes.


A dry riser is preferable to the wet riser alternative in situations where the building is unable to support suitable water pressure for fire fighting. Dry risers are also well suited to unheated building in cold climates, where wet riser equivalents may be liable to freeze.

A regular maintenance program of a dry riser system is required to ensure it meets law and regulations. This is a field in which we offer full coverage as part of a comprehensive service package, so get in touch today to find out more.



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