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A gaseous fire suppression system can deliver some of the most effective fire control in the market in the right situations. Through a combination of the correct mix of gases, a fire incident can be bought under control with the absolute minimum of damage and in the shortest amount of time.

For a gaseous fire suppression system work effectively, however, it’s imperative that the space in which the suppression system is located is effectively air tight. This process is known as integrity testing, and is just another of the services offered here at Integrated Fire and Security Solutions.


A gaseous fire suppression system can be the ideal solution for some sensitive environments which still require fire protection. For example, a room in which expensive electrical equipment is stored could be ruined through a traditional sprinkler system.

For a gaseous fire suppression system to succeed, it’s imperative that the room is integrity tested. This allows for the correct calculation of gaseous concentration ahead of the suppression system, as well as ensuring that the suppression system operates correctly once installed.


An Integrated Fire and Security Solutions engineer will test that the required space is correctly sealed so as to be airtight and retain the gas emitted by the suppression system for the required period.

If the space requires remedial work to said sealing, our engineers will carry out said work including sealing any leakage spots such as cracks or door frame edges.



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